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The Model C & LC
  Facts & Figures


The Model C

The C Model first started production in Febuary 1950 and ran until 1952. This was also the first machine that was officially imported into the UK, and during this period of time, nearly 150,00 Model C and LC's were produced and sold mainly in Italy - a staggering increase in production from the 'A' & 'B' Models.

The engine although similar in design to the earlier versions, being 123cc direct air cooled, the engine block was now integral with the frame so that the rear suspension was achieved by using a spring compressed by an axial tie rod. Power stayed at 4.3 hp, and the C retained the tried and trusted MA16 Dell'orto carburettor and 3 speed gearbox. still operated by teleflex cable. Top speed was also remained the same at a quoted 44mph, even though the C had gained 10 Kgs in weight. Fuel consumption was quoted as being between 120-140mpg. The model C also retained the direct cylinder cooling, obtained by the forward motion of the scooter

Unlike the A and B models, the Model C was now on the whole a single piece tubular frame. The fuel tank sat underneath the frame, with the front and optional rear seat also mounted on the same section. Below the rear seat still sat a tool box, but the section of the frame that held this in place was an oval shaped extension, welded on the the main frame. The handle bars were similar in design to bicycle handle bars, with a large round headlight was fitted while the rear light now became a smaller round unit, which was fitted at the rear just above the number plate.

At the front of the scooter suspension was achieved by using a trailing link. The Model C had drum brakes at the front and rear, with the rear brake being operated via a foot operated rod mechanism. . By November 1951 a total of 87,500 Model C's had been produced in a variety of colours, these being green, brown, sky blue and red. Many accessories began to appear for the Lambrettas now, many were available for your 'C' including speedo, horn cover, spare wheel, floor mats, and added weather protection in the form of extra bolt on leg shields, plus a few other things so you could personalise your Lambretta.

The LC

While the Model C was sold as the conventional model, soon after Innocenti launched the LC. It was the first scooter from Innocenti, to provide full length leg shields and side panels, a move towards which Innocenti would base all their later models on. The L stood for "Lusso" meaning luxury in Italian as the scooter provided a form of protection to its riders, from engine noise and dirt, to weather protection. Rear running boards were provided for passengers, while an access flap on the right hand panel, enabled the rider to turn the petrol on and off, and to 'tickle' the carburettor for cold starting, without taking the whole side panel off.

The LC was known as the 'enclosed model' because of the panel work, but the mechanical were exactly the same as it's sister bike the Model C. This was except of course for engine cooling, the direct cylinder cooling of the C model was not possible with the enclosed LC. The flywheel gained cooling fins, and the cylinder and flywheel were enclosed by cowls to direct the cool air from the fan up and over the cylinder.

Instead of a lunch box on the rear like the C, the LC had a small tool box under the seat where spanners etc, could be kept. Many LC machines were fitted with Lambretta accessories, the most popular being a rear carrying rack for larger items.

By the end of its production run in November 1951 a total of 42,000 LC's had been produced these being available in the same choice of colours as the sister C model, these being green, sky blue, beige and then instead of the red on the C, you could chose grey.

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